Shooting or Throwing Deadly Missiles

Under Florida Statute 790.19, Shooting or Throwing Deadly Missiles in a Dwelling, Building, or Vehicle occurs when:

  1. The Defendant shot a firearm, threw a missile, or projected a hard object that could cause great bodily harm.
  2. The object was fired or thrown at a building, bus, train, boat, or aircraft.
  3. The act was wanton or malicious.

In Jacksonville, Florida, Shooting or Throwing Deadly Missiles is a second-degree felony.  As a second-degree felony, this crime is punishable by up to 15 years in Florida State Prison.

If you have been arrested in Jacksonville, Florida or the surrounding areas for Shooting or Throwing Deadly Missiles, contact a Jacksonville Criminal Defense Attorney.  It is important to discuss your case with a Jacksonville Florida Criminal Defense Lawyer that will investigate your case and all possible defense that you may have to the charge of Shooting or Throwing Deadly Missiles.  Contact our Jacksonville Criminal Defense Lawyers by email or by calling 904-685-1200.