Revocable Trust

Jacksonville Florida Revocable Trust Lawyer

Florida Revocable Trust is an agreement that allows you to manage assets during your life and distribute them after your death without the need for probate.  For a Florida Trust to be valid it must separate the equitable ownership from the beneficial ownership.  In addition, the trust must be funded while you are alive.  We find that many people who create revocable trusts fail to fund them during their life and as a result loose the benefits that the Florida Trust can offer.

While you are alive a Florida Revocable Trust  or Florida Living Trust can be amended as your circumstances changes. Revocable trusts or Florida Living Trusts are often created to manage assets during your life, and distribute the assets uniformly or as you choose upon your death.  They also avoid Florida probate fees, can reduce estate taxes, and keep your financial matters private upon your death.

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