Restoration of Gun Rights

Florida Restoration of Gun RightsIn Jacksonville, Florida, a convicted felon does not have certain civil rights, including the right to possess or use firearms.  Normally, a Florida resident has the right to own firearms (guns), right to vote, serve on a jury, hold public office, and obtain an occupational license.  However, if you are a Florida resident and a convicted felon, you probably lost these rights.  Even if you have had your civil rights restored, the right to own firearms is different.

So, how do I get my gun rights back in Florida?  Is there a solution to this problem?  Convicted felons in Florida may be able to regain their firearms rights.  In Florida this is a type of clemency and it takes a petition to restore your gun rights which must be filed with the Florida Office of Executive Clemency.

We offer a $250 initial consultation to determine the eligibility for a restoration of gun rights and if eligible for the restoration, we only charge $750 to prepare and file the application. In this consultation, we will review your eligibility as well as discuss your rights to own and use black powder firearms.

The requirements for consideration of a restoration of firearms rights in Florida include:
  1. you have completed all sentences imposed and you have completed all conditions of supervision, including but not limited to, parole, probation, community control, control release, and conditional release, for a period of no less than 8 years;
  2. you do not have any outstanding detainers, or any pecuniary penalties or liabilities which total more than $1,000 and result from any criminal conviction or traffic infraction;
  3. you do not have any outstanding victim restitution, including, but not limited to, restitution pursuant to a court order or civil judgment or obligations. (Rule 5D of Executive Clemency of Florida).

If you were convicted in a federal, military, or out-of-state court, you are not eligible to apply. (Rule 5D of Executive Clemency of Florida).

When you apply to restore your gun rights in Jacksonville, Florida or any other Florida city, the Florida Parole Commission may conduct an investigation.  Depending on the results of this investigation, you may be subject to a hearing to decide whether your rights will be restored. 

If you would like to restore your Gun or firearm rights in Florida, contact a Jacksonville Restoration of Gun Rights Lawyer who will work to get your gun rights restored.