Non-Compete Agreements

Jacksonville Florida Non-Compete Lawyer

Jacksonville Non-Compete, Lawyers know that Florida Non-Compete Agreements are a complex area of law.  Many Florida non-compete agreements are invalid because they do not protect a legitimate business interest.   This does not mean that you can go out and violate the agreements. 

Just because they are not validly written does not mean that they cannot be enforced in a modified form or that the costs of defending a suit for a purported violation make sense for a Florida employer or employee.  In Jacksonville and around Florida courts often fix problems with written non-compete agreements to make them valid in order to protect legitimate business interests.

Some Florida Non-Compete Agreements have terms that are oppressive and in these cases, courts will usually rewrite an over broad employment agreement to be valid in terms of its scope, geographic restrictions and term.

The best time to review your employment agreement is before you sign it.  We have had success in modifying agreement to be valid and reasonable.  It is much easier to deal with these issues before you sign the agreement.

The Law Office of David M. Goldman represents employees in non-compete litigation.  If you need a non-compete agreement analyzed to determine your rights and responsibilities, or a non-compete agreement drafted to protect your company, you should CONTACT a Jacksonville Florida Non-Compete lawyer to protect your rights.

We will prepare a non compete agreement for your firm for $750 (including 1 hour of customizations) and review your non compete agreement for $450 including up to 1 hour of time with you to explain the options and risks.