Name Change

What's in a Name?

Your name is generally the first thing other people see or hear about you. It defines you. Your name could make you blend in, or could stand you out from a crowd. Your current name could not match your personality or gender. It could be too “ethnic” or not “ethnic” enough. Or your child could bear the name of a person that is a negative influence on his or her life.

Changing your or your child’s name is a very deep, personal decision. It will affect your or your child’s everyday life, hopefully in a very positive way. A married couple hyphenating their surnames, or a gay or lesbian couple sharing surnames to make financial transaction more convenient.

In addition, we are seeing many clients who have been using a name that is not official and because of the new security requirements are required to have an official name change to keep a drivers license in the name they have become accustom to.

Whatever personalized reason you have to change your name, it only makes sense to have a personalized attorney who knows which documents to file with the court and when. There are certain circumstances that will be different for every client, and these circumstances will change the description and the amount of information needed to successfully change your name.

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