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Medicaid Look Back Period

Florida Medicaid Look Back Period

There are different Medicaid look back periods in Florida. A Medicaid look back is the time period that will be examined to determine if you have given away assets to anyone other than a spouse that would disqualify you from Medicaid coverage.

Prior to November 2007 the look back period for eligibility for Florida Medicaid coverage was 36 months. Beginning in November 2007 when the 2005 Debt reduction act was implemented in Florida the look back period changed to 60 months in Florida.

If there were disqualifying gifts, including gifts and donations to family, friends, religious organizations or charities, the gift could case a period of ineligibility for nursing home or Florida Medicaid coverage.

Prior to November 2007 Medicaid looked back at any gifts or transfers of assets for the previous 36 months. If gifts were made, you were allowed to reduce the gift by $5000 a month. This means that a 60,000 gift made in October 2007 would not disqualify you for Medicaid application filed after October 2008.

This all changed in 2007. The Federal government altered the Medicaid qualification by passing the Debt Reduction Act of 2005. In Florida this Act applies only to transfers of assets after November 2007. The look back period is now five years for everyone for gifts of transfers after November 2007. They are no longer discounted each month but can only be cured by a return of the asset or monetary equivalent or time.

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