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Advances in reproductive technology have provided a growing number of LGBT, gay and lesbian couples the opportunity to become parents.  Donor Insemination is sometimes referred to as “Alternative Insemination”.

Alternative Insemination includes:

  • Artificial insemination;
  • In vitro fertilization;
  • Ova and sperm donations;
  • Traditional surrogacy; and
  • Surrogacy combined with ova donation.

If you are in a non-traditional or same-sex relationship and would like to become parents, contact an experienced Jacksonville, Florida Family Law Attorney focusing on LGBT issues.

Jacksonville Donor Insemination Agreement Lawyer

What is a Donor Insemination Agreement?

Artificial insemination is a viable way for many gay, lesbian and same-sex partners to become parents.  This procedure offers many options and as a result, many important decisions must be made.  One determination is whether to use an anonymous or known sperm donor.  Another choice is whether to do a home insemination or involve a doctor. This is an extremely significant choice from a legal perspective, because if a doctor or doctor-supervised sperm bank is not involved, the sperm donor may be considered your child’s legal father.

A Donor Insemination Agreement is a written agreement between a sperm donor and a prospective mother which clarifies the arrangements to which they are agreeing.

To learn more about how a Donor Insemination Agreement may help you, contact a Jacksonville, Florida, LGBT, Lesbian and Gay Rights Attorney.

Gay, Lesbian, Same-Sex Couples, Unmarried Couples, Florida Surrogacy
Jacksonville Surrogacy

Gay men may use traditional surrogacy methods, or surrogacy with ova donation.

In traditional surrogacy, the intended father artificially inseminates the surrogate with his sperm.  The other type of surrogacy involves an egg and sperm donor.

A surrogacy contract ensure that everyone involved in the surrogacy will have a clear understanding of all the parties’ intentions and that these intentions have been memorialized in writing.

To learn how a Surrogacy Agreement can benefit you contact a Jacksonville, Florida, Gay and Lesbian Rights Attorney.