LGBT Shared Parenting Agreements

Jacksonville Co-Parenting and Shared Parenting Agreements

Gay, Lesbian, Same-Sex Couples, Unmarried Couples, Co-Parenting Agreements

If you are in a lesbian, gay, same-sex and non-traditional relationship, have children, and share parenting responsibilities, it is very important to speak with an attorney about drafting a Co-Parenting or Shared Parenting Agreement.

Having a written document expressing you and your partner’s intent and wishes regarding the best interest of your children is imperative.  Having a Shared Parenting Agreement means you have a voice; and If need be, it will give you the opportunity to be heard in either mediation or court.

To learn more about the provisions and clauses that should be included in a Co-Parenting Agreement and how a lesbian, gay, same-sex and non-traditional family Co-Parenting or Shared Parenting Agreement can help you, contact a Jacksonville Florida Gay and Lesbian Rights Attorney.