LGBT Separation Agreements

Gay, Lesbian, Separation or Termination of Relationships Attorney

Jacksonville Termination of Relationships Lawyer

Gays, lesbians, and same-sex couples divorce, split up, and go their separate ways.  Civil unions end, domestic partnerships end.  There are unique issues presented by lesbian and gay couples as they end their relationships.  As in heterosexual relationships, the same issues are present.  These concerns revolve around property division, payment of bills, child custody, and other children related issues.  Unfortunately, there are few provisions for equitable division of property or family rights for same-sex couples.

Likewise, few courts will exercise jurisdiction over same-sex couples.  Attorneys can help by drafting agreements which may be construed as actions in contract (which will take care of property, but will not address issues related to any children the parties may be raising).

When a relationship ends, emotions run high.  If the parties executed some type of domestic partnership agreement, the process for resolving disputes may be included.

Post-separation agreements may help parties dissolve their relationship in a civilized manner.  Some post-separation agreement issues that may be addressed are:

  1. Determining what issues need to be resolved;
  2. Discussing mediation as a method to resolve difference;
  3. Identifying all assets and how property is titled;
  4. Determining the existence of any written agreements;
  5. Closing joint accounts and handling of joint credit cards;
  6. Reviewing bills and other debt to see who is responsible for payment; and
  7. Division of personal property and assets.

To learn more about how end of relationship issues may affect you and ways to prepare for the unexpected, and to learn about methods to minimize the difficulties of a break up, contact a Jacksonville Gay and Lesbian rights attorney.