LGBT Partnership and Living Together Agreements

Jacksonville Florida Domestic Partnership and Living Together Agreements

Gay, Lesbian, Same-Sex Couples, Unmarried Couples, "Domestic Partnership Agreements" and "Living Together" Agreements

In Florida both same-sex couples and unmarried couples buy property together, mix assets, and invest together, often without discussing their intentions or memorializing their decisions in writing. The first unmarried couples to bring their disputes to court were heterosexual couples. In the process, the courts ruled that unmarried couples have the right to create whatever kind of living together contracts they wanted regarding financial and property concerns. This holds true for same-sex, gay and lesbian couples as well.

It is very important for Florida same-sex couples and unmarried couples to have a domestic partnership agreement, a living together contract, or a business agreement in place. These documents will allow you and your partner to discuss how existing property titled in one name only, property purchased together, and property inherited during the relationship, will be controlled, managed, and divided, if the domestic partnership or business relationship ends.

Florida domestic partnership agreements and living together agreements may include an arbitration and mediation clause. This will enable the parties to have a 3rd party mediate the issues prior to getting the courts involved.

Contact a Florida LGBT Issues Attorney to learn how a Domestic Partnership Agreement, Living Together Agreement, or Business Agreement can help you and your partner.