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Lesbian and gay families, and same-sex couples are attempting through legal documents, to provide legal protection for their families.  Some of the documents lesbian, gay, and same-sex couples typically execute include:

  • - Domestic Partnership Agreements
  • - Parenting Agreements
  • - Designation of Health Care Surrogate
  • - Durable Power of Attorney
  • - Preneed Guardianship

These documents can be compared to marital contracts used by non-lesbian, non-gay and heterosexual couples.  There are three types of marital contracts:

  1. Ante-nuptial or pre-nuptial contracts entered into before marriage;
  2. Contracts entered into during marriage; and
  3. Separation agreements.

Gay, lesbian, same-sex and unmarried couples may use these documents to memorialize their relationships.  In most states, these contracts will be heard in courts of general jurisdiction rather than in family law courts.   They will be examined and interpreted using traditional contract considerations, such as intent, and capacity and will be enforced based upon evidence of fraud, coercion and duress.

To learn more about how gay, lesbian, same-sex couples and LGBT legal documents  can create enforceable legal rights for you and your family, contact a  LGBT Jacksonville Gay and Lesbian rights attorney.