LGBT Funeral Arrangements

Jacksonville Gay, Lesbian, Same-Sex Couples, Unmarried Couples, Funeral Arrangements Lawyer

In most states including Florida legal family members are authorized to make funeral arrangements.  Non-family members, including gay, lesbian, same-sex partners and unmarried couples, will not be able to alter decisions made by the family, even if they are contrary to the wishes of the decedent. 

You should outline your funeral wishes in a letter to the executor of your will.  Wills are read after the funeral, so it is not practical to put the information in that document (however, if you believe that there will be a problem with your family, you may consider adding a clause to your Will addressing funeral arrangements and expenses.)  The clause may restrict the executor’s authority to pay for any funeral expenses that do not correspond with the decedent’s wishes.  For example, the decedent may want to be cremated, but the family wants him/her interred in a family plot.

One problem is that many wills are not looked at before funeral arrangements are made so it is important to give everyone a copy of the will and make the original available timely.

To learn more about the ways in which you can ensure that your funeral and burial plans will be according to your desire, contact a Jacksonville, Florida Gay and Lesbian Attorney and Lawfirm