LGBT Formalized Relationships

Gay, Lesbian, Contractual Rights Through Formalized Agreements

Jacksonville Florida Relationships Lawyer

Most couples starting in a new relationship seldom think about the future, or what happens when the “honeymoon is over”.  This holds true for lesbian, gay and same-sex couples.  If, however, certain precautions are taken, then the end of a relationship does not have to be traumatic.

Whether it is called a “domestic partnership agreement”, a “living together agreement” or any other titled agreement, most LGBT couples will benefit from reducing their intentions into a written document.  When either one, or both partners own real estate, taking the time to consider what happens should the relationship end will go far in deterring heartache, hassle and unnecessary grief.

Money, unfortunately, can be the curse of a successful relationship.  It is therefore wise for gay, lesbian and same-sex couples to discuss their respective obligations concerning finances, and money spent both individually and jointly.

To learn more about how a domestic partnership agreement, a living together agreement, or a “business agreement”, may save you and your partner anguish should your relationship end, contact a  LGBT Jacksonville Gay and Lesbian rights attorney.