LGBT Estate Planning

Jacksonville, Florida Gay and Lesbian Attorney

Are you one of the Millions who does NOT want to think about illness, death and dying, especially when it comes to future planning your own life and those of your loved ones?

Statistics show that 7 out of 10 Americans, in general, do not have a Last Will. Unfortunately, this number is much higher in the lesbian, gay and transgender (LGBT) population.

Unlike heterosexual married spouses, gay and lesbian individuals who are unmarried but are in committed same-sex and non-traditional partnerships have no “built in legal protections” (except in few certain states - and certainly not in Florida).

This means that many lesbian and gay partners who have not created Florida Estate Planning documents will lose property, assets, access to or guardianship of children, hospital visitation, the right to make medical and financial decisions, as well as rights to arrange for burial, cremation and organ donation for our partners.  

If you and your partner are raising a child together but only one is the legally recognized parent, Florida Estate Planning may safeguard the non-legal parent’s relationship with the child.

Take the time to put your wishes in writing and have Florida Estate Planning documents prepared.  Only you can protect your rights as well as those of your partner and children.  Contact a Jacksonville, Florida Gay and Lesbian Attorney .