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Jacksonville Juvenile Defense Lawyer

According to Florida's Criminal Punishment Code 921.002, the primary goal of sentencing in a criminal case is to punish the criminal defendant.  Florida considers rehabilitation of the criminal defendant secondary.  However, In Jacksonville, Florida juveniles are treated differently.  According to Florida Statute Section 985.02, the main purpose of the juvenile justice system is to protect the community.  Additionally, the Jacksonville juvenile justice system considers it a high priority to prevent and reduce juvenile crimes.  Florida law requires Jacksonville's juvenile justice system to implement programs that do the following:

  1. Focus on strengthening the the Jacksonville juvenile's family and allowing children to remain in their homes, instead of in Jacksonville juvenile facilities.
  2. Divert Jacksonville juveniles from the courtroom and into an intervention program.
  3. Provide rehabilitative treatment to Jacksonville juvenile criminal defendants.

When it comes to juveniles, Jacksonville focuses on protecting the community and rehabilitating the juvenile, not on punishment.  The Jacksonville Juvenile Attorneys at Law Office of David M. Goldman PLLC know that children and teenagers often make bad decisions.  Those decisions can lead to a criminal record that can follow the juvenile for the rest of his life.  When it comes to a Jacksonville Juvenile criminal case, it is important to act fast.  A Jacksonville Juvenile Attorney will work for a favorable disposition in the case in order to protect the juvenile's criminal record.

If you or someone you know has been arrested for a juvenile offense in Jacksonville or the surrounding areas, contact a Jacksonville Juvenile Attorney by email or call (904) 685-1200.

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