Jacksonville Loan Modification Lawyer

Jacksonville loan modification turns into foreclosure-lawyer.jpgWhile many people are exited about the process of loan modification in Jacksonville Florida, the results are often disappointing and unless your lawyer is willing to examine damages from violations that the mortgage company and or loan servicer may have made, you are unlikely to have any real benefit in a loan modification.

Do not be fooled by mortgage companies attempts to show you a lower payment for the first few years only to add the extra payments on to the end.  The fact is that if your home is underwater today, a Jacksonville loan modification will often do little to change the fact that you are going to be over paying for a property.

You may have legal claims that create damages and can reduce the amount you have to pay.  Be careful, as many loan modifications attempt to get you to waive these rights and forgo any potential claims you may have.  While these agreements may be unconscionable, why sign one to begin with.

Before you sign a Loan modification or if you have signed one, you should have your agreement reviewed by a Florida Foreclosure Lawyer who is familiar with Florida Loan Modifications and Jacksonville Foreclosure is a Lawyer.