Income Test

In Florida, Medicaid eligibility depends on the amount of income that are available to the individual requiring services.  The maximum income that an individual can have is $2194 / month.  The income of their spouse is not counted.  If an individual in need of Medicaid has income in excess of the $2194 we can prepare a Miller Trust or Qualified Income Trust to allow the individual to qualify.

The income trust works by taking the exce3ss gross income and depositing the excess into the account prior to applying for Medicaid and during each month.

To evaluate income we must look at all sources of joint income and those available to the individual including
  • Social security ( gross amount)
  • Pensions
  • Retirement plans
  • Interest from checking, savings, CD's, bonds, insurance  annuities.
  • Pensions from deceased spouse
  • rental income
  • dividends from companies

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