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A Florida Guardianship attorney or Lawyer helps families deal with incapacitated family members or allows others to take care of minor children. Sometimes companies or individuals take advantage of the elderly and obtain guardianships in an effort to take control of the persons assets. In these cases a dispute may arise and the individual may have created liability for their actions against the elderly person. Our Florida Guardianship Attorneys and Florida Guardianship Lawyers work with Families involved with Florida Guardianships.

In Florida a person can be incapacitated by a court or is deemed to be incapacitated if they are under the age of 18 and not emancipated. When a person is incapacitated the court can appoint a guardian over the person and a guardian over the property of a person. Sometimes these are the same person but they do not have to be.

A parent of a minor child is a natural guardian over the person. Often in cases where minor children receive large sums of money (over $15,000), the court will want to protect the child's assets and establish a guardian over the property of the minor. This is to protect the child from the misuse of a parent or another. When the court establishes a guardian over the property of a minor they have the ability to review and approve the way that the money is spent.

If you think a guardianship may be appropriate or are involved in guardianship proceedings and would like representation to help you understand and deal with this complicated process, CONTACT a Florida Guardianship Lawyer by email or call us at 904-685-1200 to discuss your situation today.

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