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Florida Supreme Court orders all new Residential Foreclosure lawsuits in Duval, St. Johns, and Clay Counties are required to go to a court ordered mediation.  The plaintiff is required to pay the cost and while many defendants (homeowners) are not hiring lawyers, the bank will have their lawyer present.

The Florida Constitution entitles you to representation. Our Florida Foreclosure Defense lawyers know the details the banks use to undermine the homeowners interests. While some of the proposals at mediation may seem reasonable, most have hidden fees and terms and cause the homeowner to waive their rights for future claims.

Many individuals did not read nor understand the documents they signed when they purchased their home.  With a modification, the same underlying agreement is present and while the modification may seem simple, it must be read and interpreted with the full effect of the original loan agreements.

The mediator is there as an independent party and is not able to advise the homeowner of their legal rights.  What the mediator thinks is fair, may not be what is in the homeowners best interest.  The banks are paying the mediator to try to resolve the case.

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