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Florida Pardon and Restoration of Gun Rights

Florida Pardons and Restoration of Firearms Rights

Get Started with the Process of Restoring your Firearms rights today for $495 to determine your eligibility.

A Florida Pardon and a Restoration of Firearms Rights in Florida both require an application with the Florida Board of Clemency. The good news is if you qualify for the Pardon, we can do both applications simultaneously for no additional charge. A convicted felon in Florida loses some civil rights, including the right to possess or use Firearms or ammunition. In Florida, one who is not a prohibited person and is over the age of 21 may purchase and possess firearms and ammunition, vote, have a concealed weapons permit and be licensed in a profession.  However, if you are a Florida resident and convicted of a felony in Florida, Federally, or in another state, you probably lost the right to purchase or possess ammunition or firearms. Recently many states have automatically restored the civil rights of convicted felons to vote only. Florida does not automatically restore civil rights for firearms or ammunition.

A convicted Felon in the state of Florida has the right to own, possess, and use an antique firearm without any modern features for hunting. NOTE that if an antique firearm is used for self-defense or the commission of a crime, it becomes an illegal firearm, and it would be illegal for a convicted felon to possess a firearm.

So, how do I get my Florida firearms rights restored in Jacksonville? When I get my firearms rights back, can I purchase, possess, or use a firearm in Florida and or other states? In Florida, it is possible for a convicted felon to regain their firearms rights. After restoring your firearms rights,  you will be able to purchase and own firearms in Florida.  If your crime happened in Florida, your rights must be restored in Florida even if you live in another state. Understanding the process and requirements for regaining your firearms rights is crucial, and we're here to guide you through it.

To restore your firearms rights in Florida we have a two step process for both a pardon or an application for clemency. The first step is to call or complete our contact for to complete a $495 initial consultation to determine your eligibility for restoration of gun rights and even if you are not eligible through the traditional means you may still be eligible to restore your firearms rights if you receive a pardon.

During this process we will ask questions, gather court documents and review up to 5 criminal cases to determine eligibility for the restoration of your firearms rights. If you have more than 5 criminal charges there is an additional $495 charge.

If after the review, if we determine that you qualify to have your Florida Firearms Rights Restored, we only charge an additional  $995 to prepare and file the application for the restoration of your Florida firearms rights or a Florida Pardon.

We can apply for both at the same time for the same fee if you want.

The requirements for consideration to restore your firearms rights in Florida include:

  1. you have completed all sentences imposed, and you have completed all conditions of supervision, including but not limited to, parole, probation, community control, control release, and conditional release, for no less than 8 (eight) years; (for a pardon, it is 10 years)
  2. you do not have any outstanding detainers or any pecuniary (financial) penalties or liabilities which total more than $1,000 and result from any criminal conviction or traffic infraction;
  3. you do not have any outstanding victim restitution, including, but not limited to, restitution under a court order or civil judgment or obligations. (Rule 5D of Executive Clemency of Florida).

If you have been convicted in a federal, military, or out-of-state court, you are not eligible to apply. (Rule 5D of Executive Clemency of Florida).

When you apply to restore your Firearms rights in Jacksonville Florida or any other Florida city, the Florida may conduct an investigation and request a hearing to determine the your rights to own or possess a firearms.

Once your application to have your rights restored has been filed, it is your obligation to update the state with any changes in address.

If you would like to restore your firearm rights in Florida, contact a Jacksonville Restoration of Firearms Rights Lawyer who can let you know if you are eligible to get your gun rights restored by clemency or with a Florida Pardon.

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