Florida Ancillary Administration

Jacksonville  & Florida Ancillary Administration

Florida Ancillary Administration Probates are common when a main probate is in another state and the decedent owned real property (real estate) in the state of Florida. They can even be done as when there was no probate necessary in another state. The Law Office of David M. Goldman PLLC  handles cases of Ancillary Administration Probate in Jacksonville, Duval County, St. Johns County, and Clay County.  We can also help with these cases in other areas of Florida.

When an individual is domiciled or lived in another state at the time of their death.  The main Probate will be handled in the state the lived in at the time of their death.  This can vary by state,  some look at the state they resided in and others look to where they were domiciled at the time of their death. 

Often these individuals owned property in the state of Florida.  When this happens it becomes necessary to open an Ancillary Administration to transfer the title to their property to their heirs.

It is only necessary when the property is Real Property or Real estate, owning a car, or other types of property in the state of Florida do not trigger the need for an Ancillary Administration in Florida.  It is only used in conjunction with real estate.

The same is true for those who have a Probate in Florida and own real property in another state.  There will need to be a Florida Probate and an Ancillary Administration in the state where their property is located.

To avoid the costs and time involved with Ancillary Administration it is common to transfer the out of state property into a trust or business entity so that upon their death, the property will pass without the need and expense of an Ancillary Administration. To determine how much your probate should cost and begin to gather and organize the information necessary for the Florida Probate, please take a few moments and request our Florida Probate Intake Form.

If you need help with a Florida Ancillary Administration Probate for an individual or a family member who owned real estate or real property in Florida  at the time of their death CONTACT our Florida Probate Lawyers by email or call us at 904-685-1200 to discuss your situation today.