FDCPA Permitted Communications

Unless given permission by a court of law, a debt collector can only call between 8 am and 9 pm in the time zone of the debtor.

Debt collectors can call you at work, unless the debtor or someone at the place of work tells them that it is not permitted.  You should send a written conformation that these calls are not permitted to document the discussion.

If you are represented by an attorney and the debt collector knows the contact information of your attorney, they may not contact you unless your attorney is non-responsive or the attorney gives permission to contact the debtor directly.

All requests to stop calls from debt collectors are ineffective unless you sent them the request in writing.  The debtor can request that phone calls be stopped and also that most written communications be stopped.  The debt collector is still allowed to contact the debtor by writing to let you know that they will stop communications, that other legal remedies will be pursued, and that documents you send them are considered "official" communications when received by them.

If you need to stop a debt collection, contact a Florida Debt Collection Lawyer at our firm to discuss your options.