FDCPA & Evidence

If debt collectors call you should being to gather evidence from the first call or communication to keep track of the unethical and/or illegal actions by the debt collector including

  • letters and post cards
  • voice mails
  • caller ID records (if necessary, take a photo of the caller ID screen)
  • handwritten records, including such information as:
  1. the date and time of the call
  2. the number they called (home, work, cell)
  3. the number the debt collector is calling from
  4. the attitude of the caller, including any use of profane or foul language
  5. their name and the name of the company
  6. on whose behalf are they calling
  7. their address and telephone number, as told to you by the caller
  8. the nature of the debt supposedly owed, including the amount
  9. what penalties you face if you don't pay
  10. any fees owned
  11. is the caller an attorney or pretending to be one or quoting the law
  12. what will they do if you don't agree to pay what they are demanding
  13. whether the caller is calling on behalf of a consumer credit reporting agency
  14. ask them how many times the caller's company has called you in the past on the same matter
  • written correspondence (keep copies including the envelopes and postcards)
  • evidence from other persons a debt collector may have called like friends, relatives, neighbors, co-workers.

If you need to stop a debt collection, contact a Florida Debt Collection Lawyer at our firm to discuss your options.