FDCPA & Debt Collectors

The FDCPA applies to personal debts and does not apply to business debts.

Debt Collectors Are Defined as:
  1. A person who regularly collects, or attempts to collect, personal debts on behalf of another person or institution; and
  2. A person who regularly collects, or attempts to collect,    personal debts on his/her/its own behalf, but uses a different name in doing so.
What Are the Most Common Kinds of People or Organizations Not Considered Debt Collectors Under the FDCPA, and May Not Need to Subject to the Restrictions of the FDCPA?
  1. an entity collecting another entity's debt in a rare occurrence;
  2. an entity which collects its own debts using its own name;
  3. an entity which owned the debt and sold it, but continues to service it; or
  4. an entity which is attempting to collect a debt in good standing or not in default.

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