Estate Planning Procedure

Estate Planning Procedure

There are millions of people in Florida and the United States that do not have a Will or any estate planning.  Many people wait to plan for their future, and their family’s future after they die, because they think the process is long or too expensive.  The local Jacksonville attorneys at the Law Office of David Goldman PLLC pride themselves on providing easy and affordable estate planning. 

The firm was ranked by SuperLawyers as one of the top-ranked estate planning firms in the state, and we provide complimentary consultations to our clients.  Further, once the client chooses an estate plan we can finish the signing process often within two weeks.

How the Estate Planning Process Works

We believe the estate planning process should be easy, simple, and straightforward for the client.  Further, the client’s estate plan should be tailored to meet the clients exact needs and desires.  This is why we often ask clients to think about what kind of objectives they may have.  Through this website, we have listed and tried to explain many objective and goals that can be achieved through this field of law. 

If the client’s objective is to leave a charitable legacy, we can create a plan that carries this out while also providing other benefits.  For instance, we can create a charitable lead trust that provides income to the client’s family members during the client’s lifetime and distributes the remainder of the trust property to the charity of the client’s choice.

If the client’s objective is to protect assets we can create a plan that protects the client’s assets during his or her lifetime, and also allows the client to qualify for Medicaid.  In this case, we would create an iPug trust for the client.  This is an irrevocable trust that allows the client to transfer assets and income into a legal entity to qualify for long-term government healthcare.  Further, these assets are protected from creditors and allow the client to live the rest of his or her life without worrying about how to pay for healthcare or how to protect their wealth. 


The first step of the estate planning process is for the client to fill out the confidential personal information form.  There are many ways we can send this form to you.  Call our office at 904-685-1200,  email us  to obtain your Confidential Estate Planning Questionnaire or download it here: [PDF]

We ask that every client completes this form before we schedule the free initial consultation.  This allows the estate planning attorneys to get a broad idea of the client’s objectives and goals, and gives them time to create plans to meet these goals. 

Fill out our Confidential Form and send it to us.  All information listed on your estate planning worksheet is completely confidential and bound by the attorney-client privilege.


The next step of the process is to estate planning attorney to conduct the initial consultation.  The attorneys will carefully read over the information form and then contact the client to set up an appointment.

During the consultation, the attorney will review the client's assets and current situation.  This is a time where we like to learn more about the client and the goals the client wishes to achieve.  Sometimes the client only needs a simple document, such as a will or living trust, and other times the client needs to protect his or her assets through an asset protection trust.  

We will help the client to carefully weigh each option.  We also take the time to go over the costs of each plan with the client.  Many firms charge clients by the hour, but this firm charges flat fees so that our clients know exactly how much something will cost from the start of the process. 

If the client has an existing estate plan, then we can also review these plans with the client.  Sometimes a simple modification is all that is needed to update an old plan, while there are other times the estate plan may have to be redone from scratch.


After the meeting, the attorneys will put the plan into action by drafting the documents needed to install the plan.  The Jacksonville estate planning attorney will carefully craft the documents to meet the client’s individual needs.  The process is very transparent, and the client will know exactly what he or she will receive, and what the client has paid.  Once the final drafts of the documents are completed, the client will come back to the office to review the documents.  This allows the client a final chance to review the estate plan before signing.


At the client’s convenience, he or she will schedule a time to come to our office and sign all of the documents. At this time the client and attorney will review the documents one more time.  The client can even take home a draft of the estate plan home so that he or she can look over everything at the client’s pace. 

If any changes need to be made, the attorneys will make the change and re-execute the document.

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Our goal at The Law Office of David Goldman is to ensure the process is easy and simple for our clients.  This is an area of law that is extremely helpful to everyday people, and we pride ourselves on creating plans that cater to the specific needs of local Jacksonville residents.  Call us today at 904-685-1200 to create your estate plan.