Defending Against a Restraining Order

Jacksonville Restraining Order Defense Lawyer

According to Florida Statute Section 741.30, if a person is a victim of Domestic Violence or is threatened with imminent danger of becoming a victim of this abuse, he or she can petition for an injunction against domestic violence in Jacksonville, Florida.  This is also known as a restraining order.

In Jacksonville Florida, if a person is seeking an injunction against you, you are entitled to notice of the petition for an injunction and a hearing.  A Jacksonville Florida Injunction Attorney will ensure proper notice is given.  You need an Jacksonville Florida Injunction Lawyer that will protect your rights and fight against the issuance of an injunction at your hearing.  If you have been served or believe that you will be served with a petition for an injunction in Jacksonville Florida or the surrounding areas, Contact our Jacksonville Criminal Defense Lawyers by email or by calling 904-685-1200.