Our Defamation lawyers protect the interest of our clients.  We can work quickly to minimize the damage and removal of defamatory content.

Defamation is when a false statement or claim is communicated against a person, group, or business.  An employer can be sued for defamation if they make a knowingly false statement or make a statement with reckless disregard to the truth on matters such as theft, dishonesty, criminal behavior, or discrimination.

Business review websites, social media websites and other broadcast media are relied upon heavily by consumers. Potential customers often rely on information to purchase a particular product or service. The selection of a particular company to perform a service, consumers rarely make any decisions without first consulting the opinion of others.

False statements, negative reviews, inaccurate data and other information that is broadcast across the Internet or other media outlets can have statewide and even national implications. Our business defamation attorneys work to defend the integrity of your reputation and your business' brand in disputes involving:

    • Defamatory blog posts or Twitter posts
    • Republication of misleading reports
    • False accusations made in Google business reviews
    • Misrepresentations made in other Internet forums or media

Whether defamatory information is published anonymously or by a known individual, our business defamation attorneys have the experience, skill and determination to obtain answers, justice and preservation of our client's good name.

If you are dealing with defamation or would like more information on Florida Defamation in Jacksonville or other areas of Florida, CONTACT our Florida Defamation Lawyers by email or call us at 904-685-1200 to discuss your situation today. 

Florida defamation issues do not qualify for free consultations.  We charge a flat rate of $500 for a defamation consultation, which includes review of materials and up to 1 hour of time discussing the options.