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Criminal Defense

Jacksonville criminal lawyers know that representation by a Jacksonville Florida criminal defense lawyer can make a difference is the outcome of your case. An attorney who is a former Jacksonville public defender, has an in-depth understanding of the criminal law process. Our attorneys and lawyers have successfully represented clients in DUI, Drug Crimes, Search and Seizure issues, misdemeanor offenses, domestic violence, domestic abuse, sex crimes, and other criminal offenses. It is important to have quality representation and individual attention that is difficult to obtain from a public defender with a large quantity of clients. However, as a private Jacksonville Criminal Lawyer, our criminal attorney is able to devote extensive time and resources to each individual client.

It is important to understand that just because you have been charged with a criminal offense in Jacksonville, it does not mean you will go to jail and be convicted of a crime. It is possible to have charged dropped or reduced so that the effects of the charge or indictment are minimized. In some cases, pre-trial diversion programs can result in the charges being dropped. In other cases, we can work to have your record sealed or expunged. We may even be able to help you with a restoration of Gun Rights. Our Jacksonville criminal defense lawyers have handled thousands of cases with many of the prosecutors. We know how to negotiate with them to increase your chances of avoiding or reducing the charges. If we cannot achieve a favorable disposition pre-trial, we will fight for your liberty in court. Our lawyers have trial experience and know how to effectively represent clients in every stage of a case.

If you have questions about a criminal charge in Jacksonville, a criminal investigation, or other issues involving Jacksonville Criminal Defense. Contact our Jacksonville Criminal Defense Lawyers by email or by calling 904-685-1200.

Remember the best time to contact a criminal defense attorney is before your arrested so that your criminal attorney can try to avoid the charges being filed.

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