Creditor Harassment

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Creditor Harassment

We can Stop Collection Calls. The (FDCPA) Fair Debt Collection Practices Act is a Federal law that protects people from improper debt collection practices.

Once you dispute a debt in writing, the FDCPA orders debt collectors to terminate all contact with you until they comply with Section 809 and validate the debt. If you do not file a dispute within 30 days of when the harassment occurs, the collector can disregard the dispute.

It is important to keep all documentation including envelopes, mailing certificates, and records of phone conversations. Be careful about recording phone calls within the state of Florida as it is illegal without complying with the Florida Wiretapping Statutes and the Federal Wiretapping statutes.

Some Common Debt Collector Practices Include:
  • Calling you at work;
  • Calling your friends, family, or employer;
  • Calling you late at night;
  • Calling you after you have requested that they not contact you in writing;
  • Threating jail, police involvement, or criminal charges;
  • Threats;
  • Abusive language
Even if You Owe Some or All of the Money, the Collection Company Cannot Break the Law

We can help you make the debt collector pay for their violations of law. In some cases they also have to pay your legal fees on top of the damages.

If you are being sued by a debt collector or harassed we can:

  • Get damages for violations of the laws;
  • Use damages to help negotiate the balance of the debt;
  • Stop the harassing and illegal phone calls;
  • Protect your rights and have improper credit reporting removed.

If you need help stopping harassing or illegal collection practices and want to see if you are entitled to damages for they way the debt collectors have treated you, contact Our Florida Debt Collection Lawyers for a free consultation.

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