Cocaine or a Controlled Substance

Under Florida Statute Section 893.13(1)(a), Sale or Delivery of Cocaine or a Controlled Substance occurs when the defendant sold, purchased, manufactured, delivered, or possessed with the intent to sell, purchase, manufacture, or deliver a certain controlled substance.

In Jacksonville, Florida, Sale of Cocaine and most other commonly known drugs is a second degree felony.  However, this can increase to a first degree felony depending on the location of the alleged sale.  For instance, if the cocaine sale occurs within 1,000 feet of a church or a convenience store, the crime is a first degree felony.  Additionally, if the cocaine or controlled substance is delivered to a minor or a minor is used in the delivery, this is also a first degree felony.

In Jacksonville, Florida, Sale of Cocaine or Controlled Substance is a serious offense that needs serious legal representation.  If you have been arrested for Sale of Cocaine or a Controlled Substance in Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida or the surrounding counties, speak with a Jacksonville Drug Crime Attorney.  A Jacksonville Drug Crime Lawyer has experience with sale cases and will defend your rights.  Contact our Jacksonville Criminal Defense Lawyers by email or by calling 904-685-1200.