Business Disputes

Jacksonville, Florida Business Disputes Attorney

Have you signed an agreement that has you worried about having to pay a large sum of money that you regret entering into? Are you worried about having signed a non compete agreement that has you fearful about not being able to find work if you leave the company or you lose your job? Are you being sued for breach of contract or has someone not kept his or her word to you in a business transaction? Don’t go around feeling helpless. Give the Law Office of David M. Goldman a call.

Our firm can carefully examine your contract or agreement to discover arguments that support your case. Your noncompete may be too broad or may be too one sided to be enforced.

When you hire an attorney, it is much more likely that your case may be settled; in terms much more favorable to you than if you went to court without an attorney. We will work to convince the other side to come to the bargaining table and make an agreeable compromise. Not all cases need to go to trial, however, if we stand ready to back you up in court if necessary.

The cost of being sued or suing over breach of contract can be substantial when it interrupts your normal business practice, drives away clients or limits your right to work in your chosen profession. Don’t go to battle alone. Call an experienced Jacksonville Contract attorney to guide you through your problem.